Smart Casual Ideas For Men

Suit up? Too fancy. Dress down? Too casual.

What’s the one fashion trend that’s trending? The way you see it, Smart Casual, obviously.

An outfit that allows you, gentlemen, to truly express yourself. However, it can be tricky while looking for the ultimate smart-casual style that runs in your blood. It does take a certain amount of trial and error before your sophisticated self emerges. Stop scratching your head, you are on the right page.

What is smart casual attire?

According to Cambridge Dictionary, smart casual is defined as ‘neat and stylish, but not too formal, especially when this is the accepted way of dressing for a particular situation, place, or social occasion’. In today’s world, Smart Casual means nothing, it is pretty much everything. Smart casual is a gingham shirt, a pair of dark, slim fit jeans, a blazer a pair of brogues, or it can just be as simple as a pair of chino, a sweater, a blazer, and a pair of loafers, freedom is given, so go ahead build your own personal style.

The Shirts

Whenever it is about shirts, go for the one with classic colors and traditional prints. Smart Casual is all about observing tradition. A timeless pattern and tones for grown-up casual wear.

Colour-wise, opt for white, gray, or navy. They work tremendously. Print wise, a well-tailored gingham will never go wrong, classic yet stylish.

So now, tuck them well-fitted pieces in with a quality woven belt for a casual relaxed approach.


Gingham Shirt

A gingham shirt with its checkered designs draws the attire to be a more casual, rugged look versus the way a solid color long sleeves shirts. To pair it off, a pair of light brown or gray chinos and navy blazer would not lead you to the fashion disaster!

P.S. don’t forget to grab on a good scent, no one could ever resist a pleasant smelling. You go, Mr. Charisma!


Thin Cashmere Sweater

There are enough rules in life, let’s break the rules. Choose a thin sweater to pair with a military jacket or a leather jacket, dark slim jeans, and boots to be your daily staple! Dressing up a smart casual look is a feeling, feel it the way how you want the people around you to think.



A blazer helps to create a silhouette that is way casual as compared to suits, but yet still sharper than a hoodie. You can simply just top your plain T-shirts or thin sweater with a navy blazer, jeans, and a trainer; it literally catches attention for a smart casual look. However, I bet most gentlemen do not want to look overdressed at work. A blazer, with its formal features, you can actually further dress down by just removing the blazer while still being casual yet sophisticate, made your outfit consists of just a sweater, jeans, and boots and you are still good to go.



A man’s choice of hairstyle and attire says a lot about him. You don’t just want to look good but without proper grooming.

In this day and age, the office grooming rules are no longer rigid as if on the display shelf, but a little more flexible. Regardless it is the current WFH situation presentation or a million-dollar business deal, you have to be well-groomed to exude your confidence because it is your appearance that makes the best first impression. Just like your dress code, choosing the right hairstyle makes all the difference.

A medium-length curly hair, Quiff casual hairstyle or Front bangs will sure to impress when you dress up every morning.

However, you will need to choose the right product such as pomade, wax or mousse in order to complete your hairstyle. For a shinier and slicker quaff finish, go for pomade. While, if you want to create texture and volume, wax will come in handy.

Hairstyle1 Hairstyle2


As for pants, slim-fitting jeans or chino are always failsafe. Black bottoms read a classic, but can sometimes be less versatile, invest in khaki or navy which works in a wider range of complementary colors.

Dark Jeans

Dark jeans, you can never go wrong with jeans, handsomes! Be cautious when choosing the right jeans, minus all rips, patches, logos, and stitching. When the right pair of jeans found, a blazer or knitted sweater will the perfect match!



Next up, enter chinos, which with its formalizing features such as pleats, creases, and a slimmer silhouette, but they can also be casual, as now that most chinos now are stretch-built, which means hey, gentlemen, you can perform any daily task without feeling any restriction as it can definitely pull you through intense task even if it is squatting! Comfortable yet sleek-looking enough as smart casual pants to pair outside of a gym.



One pros of going for smart-casual style is that the freedoms to get away with any shoe of your choice but bear in mind that, to find the balance. To polish up your smart casual look, opt for boots or loafer for a mature edging touch while as for material, go for suede or leather for a well-texture, quasi-formal touch.

Boots/ Chukka Boots

Black-colored boots might sometimes impress people with cheap or too uniform-y. To slay the smart casual look, opt for gray boots or chukka boots to highlight the textures of the leather. Versatile yet universal!


Loafers/ Brogues

Gentlemen who nail smart casual will definitely pair their pair of loafers/ brogues with oxford shirts and knit ties which give a taste of grounding. In order to top it off, you can always opt for a merino sweater. It nails!



Bored with boots? A good quality pair of sneakers nails a preferred accompaniment too; you dress for comfort and still look purposeful. Just be mindful that, sneakers that go well with an exquisite smart casual look should be clean and minimal. A classic converse or leather sneakers will be your forever go-to.



The ultimate slips-on! A good pair that goes along well with any outfit whether it is suits, jeans, or chinos, you can definitely pull it off. To elevate your smart-casual uniform, a pair of espadrilles that contrasts your outfit allows you to stand out from the crowd!


Other than that, remember to accessorize yourself!


What is smart casual without the addition of classic pieces? Whether it is sleek sunglasses or a classic watch, grab it! You’ll be read as chic without being overly dress-up. Also, a belt is a must to put the perfect final touch on your look for the right mix of sophistication.

Accessories1 Accessories2

All in all, please ensure to opt for silhouettes and colors that flatter you. Enough of outfit, maintenance for the discerning gents should be a thing! Shave and style your hair, trim your nails, and get freshened up! By freshening up and dressing up, you be the Mr. Charming-smart-looking gentleman.